Nishikino Maki
西木野 真姫
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Nishikino Maki here~ ☆ First year from Otonokizaka High School, member as well as composer for Otonokizaka High School Idol Research Club, or better known as µ's ~ ☆

Nico-chan… @nikonikoniiii


Before I go to sleep

If Kotori was a guy, huh… @MuseKotori @_Minami_Kotori @HonokaKousaka_


Tatoeba konna LoveTrain (tl only covers up to 3:50 of the video.)

Honoka: Ah, wait!
Honoka: Ah… missed it.
Honoka: Seriously. Why didn’t it wait for me! Just a little longer, it would have been good…
Honoka: Mou, what do I do now?
If I can’t get on…

(translations continued in snowharasho's post~ This is all still Ucchi's voice acting~)

B-Bueeehh?! P-Papa, stop..!! @nikonikoniiii


Protip: Don’t let your girlfriend ad-lib when introducing her to your rich parents

Happy birthday, Nico-chan~ @nikonikoniiii ..W-What, I’m not going ‘Nico nico nii’ for you..!

Gyuuuuuuuuuuu~! ♥

(episode 12 KotoHonoUmi)

You got lucky there, @nikonikoniiii…

(episode 12)

Honoka, Kotori….

(episode 11)

Honoka sleeping…

(episode 10)

W-Why would I form that kind of unit with her..! @nikonikoniiii

(episode 10 NicoMaki~)

I, I said my usual clothes would do, but Mama said to wear this and go…

(episode 10)